Welcome to Riverside Tack Shack, we are a small family run business, I'm Nic and I over see the day to day running of the place, RTS aims to bring you Quality products at Bargain Prices, and we will have a little fun along the way 


We currently have our website ... Well you will know that you are on it lol

We have our shop based in Selby North Yorkshire 

we support 2 event companies and are the sole retail trader for Blueberry events and Northern Lights Showing 

We have our online Social Media sales we have shops on both Facebook and Insta, we do buy it now live sales on Facebook where you can see the product close up 

We have interactive1to1 shopping experiences this is booked through social media you will then have a personal shopper to help you live with your shopping needs

we are live on social media  3 times a week from 7:30pm if you like banter, enjoy dad jokes and want to pick up bargains for yourself and your ponies then i advise giving us a watch. there are a few characters to watch out for at RTS 

I'm Nic ( ginger hair, always laughing)

Shirls ( the wing man proper Yorkshire lass who is there to help and if you ask nicely she might make you a brew 

Claire - yet to get Claire on screen, she literally sorts the admin on our lives, not sure i would be so happy on lives if we didn't have our Claire 

Glynis - this is Nics mum her role is usually keeping everyone else in check we are always getting in trouble for laughing instead of selling

Uncle Tony now he is a ladies favourite and when he comes online for some reason my viewing numbers goes up ....... must be the Yorkshire farmer tash